Domestic. Politics. is project by San Francisco artist Phillip Hua. As politics increasingly permeates everyday life, Hua responds to this invasion by creating an immersive exhibition in a variety of media at Ruth’s Table in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Using the home as a symbol for the everyday, Hua mixes prints, photography, and sculpture with merchandise in the gallery space installed to resemble someone’s living quarters, blurring the line between art, politics, and daily life.

Merging art and activism, a portion of all sales will benefit various organizations that forward or sustain issues such as gun control and environmental research, women’s and LGBTQ rights, voting rights, and others.

The opening reception is June 16th, from 3-5pm. The exhibition runs from June 8-30.

Ruth's Table is located in San Francisco's Mission district at 3171 21st Street. The gallery is open from 9am-5pm or by appointment.